Why, What & When of Blogs

There is a lot of useful information available online to help get you started.  In particular the “Blogging: The Ultimate Guide” by Yoast contains lots of good tips and is a quick and easy read. To give you a quick overview of the value of blogging here are the basics:

Why Blog?

Blogging is recognised as a valuable tool to market your company and strengthen the Search Engine Optimisation of your website.  Although it takes time, it is also a valuable way for you to continue to review and develop your business as you move forward.

What to Blog

    • Ask existing customers or friends what they would find useful to know specifically about your business or generally about your industry.
    • Based on your own experience, what help and advice can you give?
    • What information do you feel is missing from your competitors websites or is hard to find out in your industry?
    • Create a list of keywords about your business and use these to base your blog plan on.   Google Trends is a useful tool to discover the most commonly searched terms – just ensure that you narrow your search down to the country or region that you cover.

    When to Blog

    • Regular blogging helps search engines to register that your site is active and relevant in your particular field.
    • Frequency depends on balancing how much time you want to spend on blogging, how much quality information you have to pass across and meeting your customers needs whilst not annoying them.  Aiming for monthly blogs may be a good place to start.  You can then review feedback, business activity and Google Analysis data before upping or reducing frequency.
    • Research states that blogging does not normally show immediate results.  So you will need to think longer term, plan ahead and give it time for it to stimulate activity.